WATCH : Some Fanatical Bangaloreans Hound The McLaren 720S On City Streets

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We’re sure you must’ve already seen the first (and only) McLaren 720S to land on Indian roads. The 720 HP supercar arrived in Bangalore on carnet which means that it’ll be shipped back to its home country, Dubai very soon. So the owner of the British supercar, Ranjit Sundaramurthy, made sure that folks in Bangalore get a glimpse of his prized possession. The supercar was recently seen driving on the streets of Bangalore. Check out the video below (courtesy – SupercarsInBangalore):

And another one:


We’re sure everyone who got a glimpse of the supercar in action would be filled with joy but here’s what most of the enthusiasts do not understand. Supercar owners spend crores of rupees to buy one and thus they’re worried about their vehicle. People getting too close to the vehicle may end up damaging the paint and even a minor scratch can cost thousands in repairs.


Here’s what the owner of the supercar had to say:

Secondly, and this goes for all the motorcyclists following the supercars, maintain safe distance! The brakes on a supercar like the 720S are far superior than most of the vehicles following it so while the exotic will stop on time, your vehicle may not and you may end up hitting the car. Respect the vehicle and maintain distance while clicking photographs. Here’s a perfect example of how NOT to click a photograph of/with a supercar:

So here’s what you do next time you spot a supercar on the roads: Maintain distance! Imagine that the supercar is that pretty lady who does not appreciate you getting into her personal space, or worse, making a physical contact. Most of the modern cameras come with a good zoom lens so make sure you’re clicking photograph from a distance, staying clear of the vehicle.

Spotting Supercar – NOT TO DO – Feature Image
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Spotting Supercar – NOT TO DO – 3
Spotting Supercar – NOT TO DO – 2
Spotting Supercar – NOT TO DO – 1

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