Watch a Moron Ride on the WRONG Side, MIDDLE of a Highway, at SUICIDAL speeds

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Watching people drive/ride on the wrong side of the road isn’t something that unheard of, but here’s one guy who’s taken it to a whole new level. The motorcyclist was seen riding the middle of the road, on the wrong side, making his way through the oncoming traffic. The video footage is claimed to have been shot on the same location where a KTM RC390 rider crashed into a 11-year-old girl. Check out the video footage of the most moronic thing that one can do on a highway:

Unfortunately, people consider someone who’s properly geared rider as a threat while the real issue of lack of driving etiquette is overlooked. While we cannot change the way people drive/ride in the country overnight, we can report such instances to the local police so that they can take necessary action, or keep an eye on such rowdy riders.

Safety tips while riding:

  • Always be cautious while riding, as a threat can appear out of nowhere
  • Adhere to the speed limits and lane discipline, especially around a village
  • Maintain at least a three second gap between your vehicle and the car/motorcycle ahead, which’d give you time to react in case something were to go wrong
  • Honk whenever necessary to gain attention of fellow drivers and pedestrians
  • In case your motorcycle does not come equipped with an All-Time Headlight On feature, turn on the lights even while riding during daytime as it makes you more noticeable on the road.

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