Want to Get Your Old Diesel Car to Its Former Glory? This DIY Should Help

Here is a simple procedure which can help to bring your old diesel car back to its former glory.


There a million reasons to love a nice diesel. The strong wave of torque combined with brilliant fuel efficiency has made diesel engines the top choice for us Indian consumers. That said, you might have noticed a drop in power once the car gets old. What if I told you can get a majority of that lost power back by a simple and not-so-complicated procedure? Read on ahead and get your diesel back to its former glory.

Clogged intake system

See how small the pipe has become?

A crucial part of any engine is the intake, which is responsible to supply air and fuel mixture to the combustion chamber which gets you running. Running at speed for a long period of time leads to the accumulation of soot particles inside this intake, which clogs up the pipe. A clogged up pipe means the engine has a difficult time breathing, pretty much like how a stuffed nose bothers you. Less air and fuel reaches the engine, causing a smaller combustion which is a major factor responsible for power loss over a period of time.

Clogged up pipe getting cleaned

A little smoke will cause no harm.

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Compare it with cholesterol deposits in our blood veins. However, unlike a complicated human body which requires a bypass surgery, clogged intake manifolds are much easier to clean. You can read your owners manual and with some basic tools, you can open the manifold yourself. Do make sure that the engine has been cooled off before doing this or you risk burning yourself. If it seems to be too complicated, any roadside mechanic would help you out for a small fee. Make sure you keep your gaskets safe, replace them if they are not metal ones.

Clogged intake after first step

Repeat the cleaning process, the gunk is too adamant here.

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Once out, you will see how small the pipeline has become with years of soot deposits. Use a highly alkaline solution, solution and some high-pressure water to get rid of this gunk that has been accumulated inside the pipes. It will take at least a few washes or even hours of soaking to get this adamant gunk out of your pipes but trust me, its worth the pain. Once clean, use compressed air to completely dry out the insides or leave it to dry naturally overnight. Once clean, install the intake all over again and go for a spin. Gone is the hesitation that your car had before with a clogged up intake, it now will breathe better and deliver a much better performance.

Clogged intake after first step
Clogged intake system

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