VW Phaeton Gets the Mother Of All Discount – Rs 25 Lakh!!

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VW which seems to be having a great time in India ever since they ventured in here, especially in the hatchback and the entry level sedan market, have made a very surprising announcement, VW India is offering around 25 lakh rupee discount on their flagship Phaeton. The Phaeton costs about 88,38,394 on road Mumbai so a massive discount of 25 lakhs makes it quite a reasonable buy.

The Phaeton which although feature packed, sounds overpriced for a VW and is thus rarely seen on the streets. As you would expect, the car is finding no buyers. Instead of spending on the VW brand, buyers prefer investing that amount on a well established luxury car brand such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Jaguar. Secondly Phaeton comes with a 3.6 lit V6 petrol engine which produces 280PS of power and 370Nm of torque. The whole equation is right just the hindrance is the petrol engine and no option of a diesel engine. Even in this creamy segment diesel engine plays a very important role.

Now VW will launch a newer Phaeton which will sport a diesel engine, the discount given on the current model is to clear the old stock. A VW sales executive at Delhi says that “There is a cash discount of Rs25 lakh on the car but it will take a month for the car to be delivered as it is not readily available in stock”

So when are you booking your VW Phaeton?




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