Volvo Introduces A New Vehicle Tracking Accessory

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In today’s world, a car has become a necessity. We spend a very significant percentage of our hard-earned money when we buy a car. The safety and security of such an asset are of utmost importance; more so because, if stolen miscreants can use your car for unconstitutional acts as well. Almost all cars are equipped with warning sirens and Engine Immobilizer systems to limit this problem, but they are ineffective in the case a car gets stolen. Volvo has introduced a new vehicle tracking system to combat such a problem. Volvo has partnered up with Vodafone Automotive to formulate this tracking system called ‘Vodafone Automotive VTS S5’. The System tracks the car 24/7 and can locate the car down to 10 metres.

Volvo Anti Theft System

How does it work?

The driver is provided with a card specific to his/her car. The car automatically identifies if it is being run without the card, and sends a notification to Vodafone Automotive indicating the same. This device takes the help of Vodafone’s Automotive’s network of operating centres, and local police stations as well. As of now, the system only includes 44 European States. This device uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to function.

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Volvo s90 facelift launched

It comes along with an associated app, that helps the owner to track their car in real-time, check data on previous journeys, and provide directions to the car as well if it is parked at a far-away place. This system offers other advanced features as well. If any person tried to tamper with the vehicle, the device detects such activities and reports them to the user. It detects things as fiddling with the battery or cutting electrical wires. It will also detect if people attempt to tow your vehicle. It also has features to disable the alarm to prevent false alarms. In case the car is stolen, the Vodafone Automotive operating centre will contact the local police and will provide them with the live location of the car to help them execute their recovery operation.

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Volvo s90 facelift interior

This tracking system comes as an add-on subscription to the price of the car. A price of 595 Euros (around ₹50,000), includes the fitting, VAT, and a three-year subscription for the system.

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