Volvo India to Launch Updated S60 and XC60 this month

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Volvo India will launch the updated S60 saloon and the XC60 SUV  later this month. Both vehicles haven’t garnered much sales, but were due for an update. Volvo, which is now owned by the Chinese Geely, is known for the most safety oriented vehicular technologies. But, sadly the brand hasn’t done well in the Indian market when compared to its competitors. Volvo is doing business in the country via the CBU route.


The facelifted Volvo S60 saloon and XC60 SUV will receive  the new family look. Also, the equipment list will see additions. A minor mechanical update is also on the cards. The current models feature a rounded and dynamic family look on the S60 saloon and the XC60 SUV. This has been replaced by a visually widened front end, more prominent horizontal lines and slimmer lights.

The S60 line up receive new interior trim, while the XC60 now won’t be available with black trim. The S60 equipment list will see the addition of adaptive cornering lights, while the XC60 comes with torque vectoring as standard.

On the interior front, a new multimedia system has also been added, which includes a 7-inch touchscreen which can be used even with gloves. The TFT instrument panel from the latest V40  has been added to the revised Volvo range. Also, steering mounted paddle shifters have been added to the models.

The launch of both the cars is believed to happen in the last week of October. Pricing for the new models is expected to be increased by 2 lakh INR.

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