Volvo FH, FM and FMX trucks launched in India

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Volvo FH 520 India

Swedish manufacturer Volvo has launched its new range of trucks in India that includes the flagship FH series which has been voted with the coveted 2014 International Truck of the year in Europe.

President of Volvo India and Senior Vice President of the Volvo Group – Philippe Divry President said “Volvo has invested more than USD 3 billion and 14 million engineering hours in this project. And just to make perfectly sure of the outcome, we have tested the vehicles for 21 million kms. We are the undisputed leaders of the premium truck segment in India, and this new range will keep moving the bar further in terms of productivity and efficiency for our customers. We have always said that we are not scared by the short term cycle. We remain confident about the India’s growth story. Now we believe that this is the moment for growth story about to be delivered. We are very positive on the market and we think that there is no best moment than now to introduce new trucks.”

Volvo FMX 440 India

The newly launched of Volvo trucks would feature the intelligent I-Shift automated gearbox aimed to efficiently operated under stressed and rugged operating conditions. Also these trucks would come installed with Volvo’s unique Dynafleet telemetrics system that monitors fuel consumption as well as facilitates customers to track the trucks in real time alongwith performance data to have control on their fleet.

Volvo FM India

We do love fast bikes and cars, but then to see these torquey roadzillas gracefully cruise the highways in loaded form is a pure visual treat. We can’t wait to see an FH series soon on duty!

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