Volvo Cars’ crash test laboratory turns 10


Safety is a very big concern when it comes to the quality and features of a car. A car without proper safety features and design is as good as a failure. But in order to test the safety of a car, the car has to be put into the situation of wreckage after which studies can suggest the best safety measures and features and also its effectiveness. That is exactly what happens at a crash test laboratory.

Volvo -

Volvo Cars’ crash test laboratory which is situated in Torslanda will complete its 10th anniversary this year. More than 3000 successful tests have been run in this facility which has resulted in making Volvo cars safer.

“We can replicate most of the incident and accident scenarios that take place out on the roads. By analyzing these and then testing new safety technology in the crash-test laboratory, we can improve the safety level in our cars so that they become even safer in real-life traffic conditions,” says Thomas Broberg, Senior Safety Advisor at Volvo Cars.

The facility was inaugurated 10 years ago by Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf in early 2000. Since then, the facility has been one of the most advanced till date due to the numerous additions and implementations of new equipment and test methods. A set of digital high-speed cameras that can take 200,000 frames per second are amongst the latest developments at the facility.

“The new cameras give us exceptional scope for studying collisions down to the tiniest detail. What is more, we have a number of miniature cameras that are installed inside the cars to capture what happens with various key components in the vehicle,” relates Thomas Broberg.



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