Volkswagen Polo Cup moves to Chennai for last three rounds of 2010

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Starting today, the Volkswagen Polo Cup will reside in Chennai for the final three rounds of the inaugural India Polo Cup season. The season is currently being led by Karthik Shankar with 94 points. But the other two championship contenders Vishnu Prasad and Sailesh Bolisetti are on his tail and giving Karthik a run for his money with blistering performances at the previous round at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore.

The event will now have the racers compete on the more challenging Irangattukottai race circuit at Sriperumbedur, Chennai. This this is the first time the Polo Cup is being held at Chennai, it will be interesting to see how the competitors shape up for the race and what new lap times are set on the 3.7 kilometer circuit. As you read this news, the Practice Sessions are already underway in Chennai with the Qualifying Practice getting underway tomorrow morning. The races are scheduled to start at 10 AM on Sunday, the 26th of September 2010 as a part of the 2010 J. K. Tyre National Racing Championship. Round 5 and 6 too will be held in Chennai on the 27th/28th of November and 18th/19th of December 2010 respectively.

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