Volkswagen planning to buy Ferrari?

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VW, the mega German auto brand has almost all kinds of desirable auto marquees under its umbrella. From the ultra-exquisite Bugatti to the passion-fueled Lamborghini to the commercial vehicle brands Scania and Man – VW has got it all. But even with such a wide spectrum of vehicle making brands, the company’s hunger to acquire more doesn’t seem to calm down. The company now plans to buy one of the most sought after car brands in the world – Ferrari! Rumors are rife in the corridors of German auto industry that VW chairman Ferdinand Piech wants the legendary Italian car brand in his pocket. It’s notable that Lamborghini is the closest and most worthy competitor of Lamborghini, and is already owned by the German company.

But the question you would want to throw back in our face on reading this is – why would Fiat sell Ferrari? Well, the Italian company is looking for ways to raise funds to keep itself and the recently acquired Chrysler going. Selling some stake in Ferrari will make them see some real big wads of currency notes. VW, a company which has more than $27 billion in cash reserves, is capable to shell out some really big amounts of money. So you see why it’s a probability – Fiat needs money, and VW has the money to spare. And knowing Ferdinand Piech, the man has a thing to buy any car brand he fancies.

Would you like to see Ferrari being taken over by a German brand though? This is a world of cross-branding and technology sharing, and VW in the past have allowed companies like Lamborghini to maintain their identity, knowing which they seem to have a safe pair of hands for a brand like Ferrari.

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