Volkswagen Group recalls 3,23,700 cars in India with EA 189 engines : Audi and Skoda also affected

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Volkswagen Group India, after scrutinizing its cars sold in India, and following a notice from ARAI and the Ministry for Heavy Industries has issued a recall for its vehicles in India. The recall will apply to cars equipped with the group’s EA 189 engines which have been sold in the Indian market from 2008 till end of November 2015. A total of 3,23,700 cars have been recalled, which comprise approximately 198,500 cars from Volkswagen, 88,700 cars from ŠKODA and 36,500 cars from Audi. These cars are spread across various models sold in India and include 1.2-litre, 1.5-litre, 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre diesel engines.

Volkswagen Group India has presented its observations, findings and outlines of possible solutions on the EA 189 diesel engines to the Government of India – Ministry of Heavy Industries and ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). The recall will encompass cars from the Volkswagen, Audi and SKODA model range which carry the software that requires to be updated.

All the owners of vehicles with EA 189 engines will be informed by Volkswagen Group India through the respective brands about the technical measures that will be implemented in their cars. All necessary technical measures will be implemented in the vehicles.

The company also iterated its commitment to the Indian market. An official release from the car maker read “Volkswagen Group India remains fully committed to the Indian market and will not deviate from its future planned investments, product plans and launches. All brands of Volkswagen Group in India will work strongly towards regaining the customer confidence and trust”

The Volkswagen Group India will first present the technical released solution to Ministry of Heavy Industries and ARAI. Once approved from the competent authorities, the respective brands of the Volkswagen Group in India will carry out necessary actions in a step-wise manner.

“The existing installed software does not affect the handling, technical safety or road worthiness of the cars” the company stated in its official statement.

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