Volkswagen Das WeltAuto Excellence Centres Are Now in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad Too


Volkswagen already has a host of its Das WeltAuto excellence centres across the length and breadth of the country. Currently, the Volkswagen Das WeltAuto centres are located only in selected cities. And now, adding to that list are two new cities – the southern city of Bengaluru and Ahmedabad from Gujarat.

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Volkswagen claims that Das WeltAuto is your one-stop solution for multi-brand pre-owned cars. Their love for cars ensures they are certified only after going through a comprehensive multi-point inspection.

Volkswagen DasWelt experience center

So, whether you are someone who’s looking to buy a pre-owned car, sell your car or exchange your car and upgrade to a Volkswagen, they have it all sorted for you with a plethora of benefits.

The features of the Volkswagen Das WeltAuto excellence centres as claimed by Volkswagen are as follows –

–   Expands its service proposition in the used car segment: Volkswagen India inaugurates two additional DWA Excellence Centre in Ahmedabad and Palace Cross, Bengaluru. It further plans to open an additional 10 DWA Excellence Centers in 2021 taking the total to 17 Excellence Centers as committed

–    Customer experience continues to remain the core of the business: Designed on 10-critical pillars, the initiative provides a unique retail experience to customers,  including professional car evaluation, special finance offer, a wide range of multi-brand pre-owned cars to choose from and various exclusive privileges

–    A comprehensive solution for customers: DWA is a one-stop solution that fulfils all customers’ requirements in the pre-owned car segment. By enabling digitization across DWA Excellence Centers, the brand offers its customers a seamless and contactless experience, which includes a host of digitally integrated and customized services while buying, selling or exchanging a pre-owned car

–    Availability of DWA Special Edition Car: The accessorized display car helps customers visualize the various vehicle customization possibilities for their pre-owned car

Volkswagen DasWelt experience center (1)

Volkswagen India is planning to dominate the SUV market in India. To appeal to the masses, Volkswagen has another arrow in its quiver, named the Taigun. Volkswagen recently revealed that they will launch the production-spec Taigun around mid-2021. What is worth noting here is that it will be joined by the Skoda Vision IN and the latter will be reaching the showrooms first, with Volkswagen following up with the Taigun pretty soon. With the Vision IN and Taigun, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India can finally begin to set their pieces in motion for their India 2.0 strategy.


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