Studds Launches the Cub D4 Decor Helmet 

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Studds is a very popular name amongst all motorcycle junkies, enthusiasts and Aficionados when it comes to helmet manufacturers to opt from. And now, Studds Accessories Ltd., has unveiled their new Cub D64 Decor helmet, which according to their press release is their reaffirmation to their commitment to rider safety and comfort.

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The Cub D series is a popular offering from Studds. And the D4 decor is no different. It packs a flurry of impressive bits and features. Cub D4 is available in 6 different colour options with a Pink, a Red, a Matt Blue finish, a Matt Red finish, Matt Gun Grey and Matt Neon Yellow finish for buyers to choose from. It is available in 3 different basic sizes – Medium (570mm), Large ( 580mm ) and Extra Large ( 600mm ) to make it suitable and comfortable to all kinds of riders.

Studds Cub D4 (1)

Talking about the impressive bits, the Cub D4 is a neatly designed open face helmet. It packs some good bits like a UV resistant paint, regulated density EPS (extended polystyrene ), dynamic ventilation system with top vents and hot air exhaust at the back, hypoallergenic liner, quick release visor and a chin strap. Plus, the outer shell of the helmet is injected with special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic for extra protection during an unfortunate impact.

The inner padding with fabric allows for enhanced comfort and the hypoallergenic liner keeps those allergies & infections at bay that might arise due to extended riding period and constant contact with damp on a typical Indian rainy/hot day. The UV resistant paint job keeps intact the long-lasting rich finish of the paint and protects from the harmful UV radiations, a very impressive feature indeed, especially in a Summer like ours. Along with it, the lower removable trim protects the helmet from scratches and adds shelf life to it.

Studds Cub D4


Studds commands a serious reputation in not just India, but around the globe, across markets and more so amongst the lovers of motorcycles. The Cub D4 Decor is priced at INR 1195. With an aggressive price offering, the quality, reliability and reputation of Studds and the abundance of impressive features it packs in, Studds seemingly got themselves another shot in their already powerful armour.

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