Vintage motorsport crash video compilation: Must see

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These days it’s regulation stuff to see F1 drivers crashing into a wall at 200kmph and walking out laughing. True, bad incidents still happen, and there are injuries too, but to hear of a racer’s demise during a race is a rarity now. With all those electronics, even chimps can drive these days, and with that strong safety net around, even the most vicious sinners can escape the Almighty’s fury and walk out of their dilapidated rides grinning.

However, there used to be a time when racing was not meant for people who cared for their balls. Unpredictable car dynamics, bad engineering and poor track conditions meant that the drivers who were married kissed their wives and hugged their kids properly before going out to race. Those with a girlfriend made sure they had sex the previous night, and singles tried their best to get laid before the race day. The sport was dangerous, and racers had to pay with limbs or lives for their own or even others’ mistakes. While we thank the heavens above for what we have today, a look at the video below will tell you why racing isn’t the same anymore. The compilation is from the motorsport events of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Have a look, only if you are not frail hearted.


Killed Myself When I Was Young from The Jalopy Journal on Vimeo.

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  • Harry says:

    Rossi was not even pushing the Ducati to max…Jeremy Burgess and Rossi has big plans for Ducati…they believe In Proper Development which helps a Manufacturer in long term…so rossi will take his time to do his old magic what he did on M1.