VIDEO: We Didn’t Follow the Compass, And It Totally Rocked Our World

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Getting lost is an amazing feeling when you know that there’s something new to be found. What helps overcome that fear of venturing into the unknown is an ally who you trust will carry you into the wilderness, and also bring you back to the World as you know it, should things start to appear uncomfortably unfamiliar. As we found out on a recent trip, the Jeep Compass is just that Sherpa who will comfortably carry the baggage of that explorer within you, and carry it without a sweat, as you leave traces at places where you’ve never been before.


Since we cannot simply talk about going to fabled places riding a Unicorn (one with a horn, well, legs too) and come back to describe that experience in words, we thought it would be a good idea to capture our experiences on whatever equipment we had. Which in this case, happens to be our cellular phones. Some of the visuals in this video might not have been able to capture the scale and ingredients of the places where the Jeep Compass very comfortably hoisted its flag pole. But we can vouch for this thing’s abilities off the road, and at this price, and for what it is, there certainly are very few examples out there which would’ve taken us to places where the Jeep Compass did. Quite naturally then, we disregarded the directions of the compass inside and took the toughest route for the Jeep Compass to bloom at a place which is one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites in India.


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