VIDEO: Watch Salman Khan Promote a Bike Your Dad Probably Used to Ride


This is well before he roamed the streets of Bandra on one of his superbikes. Well before he became the Superstar who loves his bicycles. In this motorcycle commercial from the 80s, Salman Khan plays the character of Bunty, who appears to be very excited about the humble Hero Honda CD-100. A motorcycle which changed the way India commuted, it started a brand new chapter for super reliable and extremely economical motorcycles, which still rule the roost within the biking space in our country.


The great part about this commercial? Both actors are seen wearing a helmet at a time when it was considered more of a fashion accessory than something which had anything to do with safety. A motorcycle which arrived at a time when Salman Khan was yet to become the phenomena that he is now, the bike too is a Superstar on its own. Even after all these years, it is still being ridden around with pride in almost all parts of the country and played a huge role in making Hero Honda (Now Hero Motocorp) a household name in India and worldwide.

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