VIDEO: Vibrazioni Art Design made Ducati Scrambler appears to have jumped out of a Mad Max movie

This Vibrazioni Art Design made Ducati Scrambler, named SC-Rumble, appears to have jumped out of a Mad Max movie. Read ahead for more details.

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We have seen quite a few custom jobs on Ducati’s Scrambler but this latest mod job appears to have jumped straight out of a Mad Max movie. This Vibrazioni Art Design created Scrambler is a result of technical collaboration between Ducati and Pirelli. Named “SC-Rumble” this Ducati Scrambler is a special edition manufactured as a single unit. Built on the base of a Ducati Scrambler, on the two sides of the tank it has a rubber sheet, laser inscribed with the tread design of the factory tyres and the Scrambler logo.

“SC-Rumble” by Vibrazioni Art Design will be introduced to the public to admire the custom bike on Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May. Then, from the British capital, “SC-Rumble” will leave on a trip that will take it to the French town of Biarritz where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” show scheduled from 11 to 14 June. Anyone can come along on the trip, which will be documented daily on the Ducati Scrambler Facebook page and the Pirelli Moto Facebook page.

Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble - 5

The name of this special edition maintains the assonance with Scrambler, and it emphasises a warlike personality and a partiality for dirt roads. The “SC-Rumble” keeps the factory equipment Pirelli MT 60 RS tyres mounted on solid rims. The factory frame was shortened at the rear and all the original superstructures were removed in favour of a monocoque frame made from recycled metal sheet of industrial bins, hand hammered and shaped maintaining the original colours. The monocoque frame is painted with a glossy finish polyurethane clearcoat.

The top fairing is made from hand shaped aluminium like the side panels, and houses the headlight made from billet aluminium, with a smoked lens that has a circular LED light guide inspired by the factory Ducati Scrambler headlight. The high exhaust is based on the dedicated Termignoni aftermarket model with a hand-crafted silencer.

Ducati Scrambler SC-Rumble - 1-horz

The bike’s set up and riding settings were modified thanks to the use of a tailor-made rear shock absorber with a longer wheelbase and the replacement of the factory handlebar with one from the Ducati Streetfighter. Here is the SC-Rumble in timelapse:

Sc – Rumble Timelapse! from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.

Vibrazioni Art Design is a multifaceted company located in the countryside of the Italian Romagna region, and it operates in the design field, primarily in interior decoration. Strongly inspired by a passion for engines, it applies to the motorcycle sector the same philosophy that characterises all of its products.

What do you think of this customised Scrambler a.k.a SC-Rumble? Do you like it or the SC-Rumble does not tickle your fancy? Share your views with us through the comments.

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