VIDEO: When two McLaren 570 GTs decided to play dirty


Sports cars are built for the black top. Something like the McLaren 570 GT with its flowing lines, a powerful engine, and that wide, ground hugging stance is definitely not built for the rough. But then someone thought, what if we took two McLaren 570 GTs camping, just to see if one could use a two-seater sports car as an all-purpose daily driver.


So they used whatever space was on offer, crammed it with their camping gear, and took the two McLarens to a place where sports cars are as rare as a peacock in the snow. While they’re at it, even the choice of music which plays in the background has been selected to fit the visuals, where one of the tracks is called ‘Severe Tire Damage’. You’d rarely ever see a McLaren kicking dust like this or for that matter, one with a CREE LED bar fitted across its windscreen. These visuals should help the ones currently residing in Bangalore and Mumbai feel right at home though.


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