VIDEO- Truck carrying Gas Tanks Crashes in Russia; Causes a Series of Explosions

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You may have seen a fair number of accidents recorded by dash cams from Russia. Another horrible accident video footage is doing rounds on the cyberspace involving a truck transporting gas tanks.




Here is the video footage shot from a dashboard mounted camera:

The truck carrying gas cylinders was travelling a bit too fast taking into consideration the cargo it was transporting. A bus suddenly decides to switch lanes and comes into the path of the truck. The truck rear-ends the bus and somehow this cause the tanks to be thrown on the road.

The gas cylinders started exploding one by one which cause a massive fire on the highway. The tanks are thrown a couple of meters high in the air due to the explosions.

A huge accident like this can surely pose a threat to many motorists. Although not much details are known, we hope the driver of the truck has made it.


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