Video: A Tribute to our Readers and 200,000+ fans on Facebook

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Some journeys are fueled by ambitions, some are fueled by wants, some by needs and some by greed.  Ours is a journey fueled by people who have carried us this far with their love being the wind below our wings.  This isn’t about horsepower or cubic capacity, this isn’t about crankshafts or pistons, V8’s or V12’s either. What this is about though, is the engine behind ‘Motoroids’, the fuel that powers us, those headlights which guide us, a mirror that shows us that you are closer to us than you appear. This is about the free revving species, this is about ‘You’ who is a part of this ‘Us’, this ‘Us’ we call Motoroids.

Two hundred thousand is a big number, but for us it isn’t just a number. It tells a story about our roots, how we transformed from a seed, how we struggled against the elements and how all of you stood around us to ensure we don’t just survive, but grow, and how! So this is a tribute to all those who make us who we are, to the person reading this post, to the 350,00,000 people we reach and every person who has flown, flies and will fly with us. A Big Thank You from the Motoroids Team!

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