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Video: Track Spec Suzuki Gixxer SF Modifications Explained

Suzuki Gixxr !50 SF track spec

The Suzuki Gsxxer SF is quite a popular choice amongst 150cc buyers but what if one wanted to track spec their Gsxxer SF? Well to answer that question we spoke to Suzuki’s officials and asked them what they had done to ready the SF for the track! The stock motorcycle produces 14.6Bhp of power @8,000 rpm and 14 Nm of torque @6,000 rpm. This is not groundbreaking by any means but power isn’t everything, a motorcycle ergonomics and agility play an equally important role in helping a machine get faster. Throw in a bunch of brakes and mechanical upgrades and you’re all set to tear the asphalt with it! Let’s go over these changes starting from the top, the handlebar, since that plays an extremely important role in steering (for obvious reasons) it’s vital to start with your handlebars. A set of lowered clip-on handlebars will not only lower your riding position but also help you tuck in during corners and making you a little more aerodynamic overall. According to the safety regulations of the FMSCI (Federations of Motor Sports Clubs India) motorcycles are mandated to be fitted with a brake lever protector in case the rider was to bump into another rider, it would prevent the other rider from accidentally applying your front brake.
Suzuki Gixxr !50 SF track spec

Now let’s come to braking, in order to improve your braking, you should probably invest in better brake pads, but better brake pads are only half the story. In order to get the maximum potential out of their brakes, it is recommended to also change your master cylinder and you could throw in steel braided lines for good measure. During a track session, a rider is trying to be as fast as possible, in order to eliminate obstacles like brake fading or flex in the brake lines, the previously mentioned changes make sure none of these issues arise allowing for more confident and late braking. Suzuki has also lowered the front suspension on their track machine and equipped it with stiffer springs and to improve the overall handling and cornering ability of the motorcycle. Suzuki has taken it up a notch and installed a fork brace that connects the front right stanchion to the left to further enhance the improvement in handling. Suzuki says they’ve left the engine in stock condition as they felt there was no need to make changes to it but they have improved the air intake and exhaust.Suzuki Gixxr !50 SF track spec
They’ve equipped their motorcycle with a performance air filter along with new headers, benders, exhaust pipe, and exhaust can itself granting it the loss of some weight and better breathability. Suzuki has tried to change the ergonomics as much as possible by adding rear set footpegs that move further back and higher up compared to the stock setup, this is done to further aid the rider on the track in terms of body positioning. They have also changed the seat itself by shortening it and adding a cowl to the rear seat for aerodynamic purposes. Last and probably the most important of them all are the tires, they play a major role as they’re the only two objects making contact with the tarmac. They are responsible for transmitting all your inputs to the ground, soft compound tires for a track day are a must as they provide you with all the grip you’d want through sharp corners.




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