Video: This Moonwalking Indore Traffic Cop is a National Sensation


Move aside, boring, morose traffic cops. Ranjit Singh from Indore would create a show which would likely make you take a U-turn, come back and wait at the traffic signal again just to have a look at the spectacle he creates. The 38 year old traffic cop has been much talked about and is a social media sensation of sorts. At Motoroids, however, we managed to stumble upon this character only today and couldn’t resist sharing his entertaining antics with you.

38-year-old Ranjit Singh is inspired by Michael jackson, Freddie Mercury and Bollywood, and ensures that he’s no less of an entertainer as he goes about his job controlling traffic on the chaotic streets of Indore.

“I have been a Michael Jackson fan for years and copied his moonwalk step to halt traffic 12 years ago,” Singh told AFP. “Initially, people were surprised, but it worked wonders over the years and has gained popularity.”

“It’s a tiring task maintaining traffic amid noise pollution and reckless motorists but moonwalking amuses commuters and drivers,” Singh added, after another tiring day seemingly gliding backwards across the street.

Singh claims the number of traffic violations at the high court intersection where he spends most days has fallen over the years. An Indian university is studying his methods to see whether he has cut traffic jams too.

Singh’s message for the youngsters is to stay safe while being on the road.  “I just want youngsters to stay safe and follow rules.” “I have picked up the bodies of over 40 youngsters after accidents over the years and I feel terrible,” he said.

While Singh’s colleagues were initially apprehensive of his moves while being at the job, they’ve warmed up to his ways. Singh even gives moonwalking lessons to fellow officers.

We have just one piece of advice for the rockstar cop – take a moment to look back before your moonwalk, you might be putting your own life at risk at some instances.

(This story has been published based on a syndicated feed from AFP)

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