VIDEO: This Lexus RC F will make you see your each and every heartbeat, literally

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Lexus RC F Heartbeat Car - 1

Want to see a petrol-head’s heart have premature ventricular contraction, or, in layman’s terms skip a beat? Then you have to see him driving this particular model of Lexus RC F. Driving a great car can stimulate the senses and quicken the heartbeat and Lexus has created the world’s first vehicle that directly translates the driver’s heart patterns into a striking visual display across the bodywork of this one-off RC F.

This particular RC F high-performance coupe is the result of collaboration between Lexus Australia and the creative agency M&C Saatchi. Different technologies have been integrated into the car to monitor the driver’s heartbeat and use the data captured to send an electric charge through the bodywork. The body panels are finished in an electro-luminescent paint, produced by the US specialist Luminor, which reacts to the charge with an intense glow, pulsing in the same rhythm as the driver’s heart rate.

Lexus RC F Heartbeat Car - 3

Sean Hanley, Lexus Australia Chief Executive says that this latest concept follows other innovative projects that the car maker has developed this year, including smart outdoor advertising billboards that respond to the car a person is driving and the fantastic new Lexus Hoverboard. The heartbeat car also links to another key part of Lexus – high performance vehicles – via our F marque models, and the emotional responses a machine like the RC F can inspire in a person.

Check out the video here:

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