VIDEO: This fuel station in Kiev, Ukraine, is giving away free fuel for people in bikinis


kiev free fuel petrol bikinis girls

As publicity campaigns go, this is definitely one of the wackiest ones we’ve seen in a long time. This fuel station in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, is offering a tankful of petrol for free to whoever showed up in a bikini.

And so, onlookers had a visual treat as women flaunted their frames in the two piece, to save money! Even some industrious men jokingly borrowed bathing suits from their better halves (not strangers, we hope) to get some fuel of their own, as you`ll see in the video news report posted below via UkraineToday. And since it is all done voluntarily, there’s no question of exploitation or sexism, isn’t it?

Kiev will soon welcome bone chilling winter soon. As the summer season has bid goodbye, Ukrainians have decided to embrace winter boldly by making the most of the autumn!

What do you think? Cheap publicity stunt or harmless fun for all? Could an offer like this work in India? Let us know in the comments.

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