VIDEO: From San Francisco to Lahore on a Honda CBR 600, via broken ribs and a smashed bike


Moin Khan is a gritty young lad who worked 10-12 hours a day doing 3 different jobs for 2 years. He ate ketchup and boiled rice five times a day to save for an unbelievable trip. This unhinged soul motorcycled all the way from San Francisco to Lahore, not on an adventure tourer with heated grips, but while being leaned on his Honda CBR 600! With no GPS or maps to guide him, he’d lose his way several times a day after he he had set out on a journey that combined his passion for motorcycles and the love for his country.

His agenda in his own words was very simple. To meet people and tell them that he’s a Pakistani, and a Muslim who’s out to see the world. Hoping that whoever he meets, would go back home and relay the message to his friends and family that he met a Pakistani today who wasn’t making bombs, but was travelling on a motorcycle to see the world. His incredible journey also included a head-on crash where his bike was smashed, his body broken, and his dream almost shattered. But the world supported his intent and wanted him to complete the journey.


Once back home, the restless soul picked up a 1962 yellow scooter and decided to explore the beautiful, yet harsh northern territory of his country. With his intent inscribed clearly on his crash helmet, he wants to teach motorcycling to the women in his country, so that they too can experience the freedom that comes attached with two wheels. And it’s not just an intent, Moin even started a school for girls where they could learn to ride a motorcycle. An inspiring personality, we hope he succeeds in his endeavors and inspires change. Commands all our best wishes and respect, this man.

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