VIDEO: Samsung’s futuristic concept windshield doubles up as HUD, displays various functions


Samsung Smart Windshield - 1

Last week, we were talking about how geeks are dominating today’s world as we integrate more and more technology in our daily routine. When it comes to motoring, technology has increased the safety levels by several folds through implementation of various measures but it has also reached a point where it is constantly acquiring more space in our daily routine.

Samsung Smart Windshield - 2

The latest addition to the list is Samsung’s futuristic windshield that constantly keeps you updated with various notifications from your smartphone. Samsung says that the display enables riders to stay connected and access various functions of the smartphone without taking his/her hand from the handlebar. The technology connects the smart windshield to the smartphone via an app through Wi-Fi. Riders can view directions on GPS navigation or see who is calling and decide whether to stop and answer the phone-call or send an automatic message to the caller. Riders can also see who is texting or e-mailing and receive many other notifications as well.

Check out the video for more details about this smart windshield:

While that seems like legit reasons to install the smart windshield, we believe that even a minute of distraction while riding can result in a tragic situation. With so many notifications constantly flashing on the screen, it would be difficult for the rider to give his/her complete attention to the road. And as we said last week, for most of us, motorcycling is a therapy and a way to disconnect with the world and the technologies that claim to keep us connected to the world are just opposite of that. The technology is still in its concept phase and we are really not sure whether or not Samsung does plan to introduce this new feature any time soon.

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But that’s our way of thinking and you may concur or disagree. We are always listening. Share your views about the new smarter technologies such as the smart helmets and windshields with us through the comments section below.

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Samsung Smart Windshield – 4
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Samsung Smart Windshield – 2