Video- Renault Urban Mobility Advanced Platform prototype showcased

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Renault recently came up with a new video clip that shows its new Urban Mobility Advanced Platform (UMAP) prototype.


This prototype is based on the Fluence Z.E. and the UMAP is a car-sharing prototype that boasts of autonomous driving technology. As has been show in this video, the latest technology enables the car to drive itself to a pickup location selected by users. On reaching this location, the customer can unlock the doors of his vehicle by flashing a card to a reader that is situated behind the windshield.

Then, the customer can get inside and drive the car to any location he desires and the best part is that he doesn’t need to worry about returning the car, because the car can very well drive back to the car park!

Other than sporting this new-age autonomous driving technology, the prototype features a wireless recharging system, which charges the batteries once the car is back at its car park.

This video here makes us think if this is how the future of cars would be like. . . .What do you say? Do share your thoughts by commenting below.

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