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Need For Speed (1)

Need for Speed is back and returns on November 3rd, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Built around real world icons are five action-packed overlapping stories and five ways to play; Speed, Build, Crew, Style and Outlaw:

  • Speed – Pedal to the metal, high speeds, maximum adrenaline rush. Keep your nerve and never lift off the gas, the fearless always push the limits.
  • Style – Expression through driving, sliding the car into a corner sideways with ultimate precision. For some, style is all that matters.
  • Build – Take your car to the extreme through visual and performance modification. The constant need to improve and personalize. Craftsmen build, searching for perfection.
  • Crew – Ride together with your Crew and never hit the streets alone. Put your faith in others and the skill of close proximity chaos.
  • Outlaw – Messing with and escaping from the cops. Push the limits and live life on the edge as you crave the thrill of the chase.

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No suffix – It will be addressed as “Need For Speed”, and has been developed at the Ghost Games studios at Gothenburg, Sweden. The latest iteration of the popular franchise will be centred around “deep customisation and authentic urban car culture.”

Electronic Arts ensure that this will be more of a complete revamp of the franchise’s concept, rather than being a sequel to what’s gone by. Apparently, the NFS team has re-evaluated its recently forgettable past and delivered a true enthusiasts’ indulgence. Here’s the first official trailer:

A well researched setting – EA acknowledges that the game glorifies ‘car culture’; the selection of cars being wide and varied, hosting something for every type of petrolhead. So expect a good spread of classic JDM stuff, RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff) tuned Porsches, Rocket Bunny kitted Japs, bagged rides, American muscle and more.

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Authenticity – The modifications were scrutinized by EA-owned Speedhunters, the car culture site, who ensured that every kit, splitter and spoiler stays true to a particular sub-culture’s style, or imbibe a popular tuner’s style. Renowned real world icons/prominent tuners of car culture like Nakai san (of RWB fame) and Magnus Walker are also expected to feature in the game.

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The games is only set at night, with cool lighting effects and flared fenders glistening in the neon. EA admits that it’ll have a whiff of Underground 2 in it.

Need For Speed (5)
Need For Speed (4)
Need For Speed (3)
Need For Speed (2)
Need For Speed (1)
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Need For Speed 2015 (5)
Need For Speed 2015 (4)
Need For Speed 2015 (3)
Need For Speed 2015 (2)
Need For Speed 2015 (1)

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