VIDEO: Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo crosses finish line on both knees


Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo - finish Line cross

Going knee and elbow down around the corners is an everyday business for MotoGP racers but have you ever seen someone finish the race with both the knees down? No, we aren’t in high spirits of the weekend yet. This video is from June 2015 and avid MotoGP followers may have seen the footage already but for the folks who may have missed it, here is the video of Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo crossing the finish line on his knees after a spectacular save.

Ajo lost control of his motorcycle at the last corner of the last lap due due to a tank slap. However, he did not fall or crash into another rider or wall but continued to finish the race on his knees. Ajo’s commitment to finish the race is commendable and the visitors and ground stall applauded his effort as he finished the Grand Prix of the Netherlands. Ajo finished the race in 17th place.

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