Video- Modified DeLorean DMC-12 being auctioned on eBay. Has a 570hp motor

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A Buick-engined DeLorean DMC-12 has found its way on eBay auctions. This DMC-12 claims to be the “world’s fastest DeLorean.”

This particular DMC-12 isn’t powered by the stock 150 bhp V6 2.8-liter engine. Instead, an aluminum V6 4.3-liter engine from some Buick has been shoehorned into this car. The motor has been updated with twin turbos, new cams, cranks and many other new components. All this has taken the peak power output to 570 HP (419 kW)!

The rest of the car, however, is bone-stock and seems to be in good shape. This DMC-12 was made in 1981 and is among the first few cars manufactured. This car has clocked 36,897 miles (59,380 km).

The bidding ends in less than three days and so far, the car has managed to attract 120 bidders, with the highest bid standing at 15,100 USD.

Check out this video to know more about this highly powerful DeLorean DMC-12 and its modified Buick-sourced V6 engine.


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