VIDEO: Miraculous escape of this little girl run over by an Ertiga is proof of God’s existence

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In an incredible turn of events, a 3-year-old girl in Nashik was run over by a Maruti Ertiga. The little one, identified as Zoya Muqaddar Khan was on her way out of the Rahnuma Urdu School when the incident took place. Zoya was following her mother Shireen Khan, who can be seen walking some distance away when the accident happened.

Nashik toddler survives car running over her

The Maruti Ertiga was parked on the side of the road, apparently waiting for someone. As soon as the rear door shuts, the 1.3 tonne MPV starts moving forward. Unfortunately, it seems that the person behind the wheel didn’t notice the little girl wandering in front of the vehicle. The four-wheeler knocks down Zoya, and her small stature offers no resistance to the hit. The MPV’s front and rear wheel drive over the girl’s body, while she lies on the ground motionless. It’s only now that the driver notices that something really awry has transpired.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Paseo Explorer Edition

The Maruti Ertiga’s weight could have crushed the little girl (Image for illustration purpose only)

Shireen, now aware of what just happened to her child, runs for her rescue. This is where Almighty, most definitely stepped into the picture. Moments after the rear wheel goes over her body, Zoya can be seen moving, before being lifted into the secure arms of her mother. In a twisted turn of irony, the three-year-old is taken to a nearby hospital in the very car that almost claimed her life. Once at the hospital, Zoya was diagnosed with minor external wounds, less than severe lung injury, and laceration to her liver. Considering the scale of the accident, the little girl could have lost her life, if it weren’t for some miracle.

It is learned that Zoya’s parents didn’t file a police complaint against the driver or owner of the Ertiga, as the latter bore the complete expenses incurred due to the accident. After observing her condition for two days, doctors discharged Zoya Khan and she was free to go back home. CCTV cameras have captured loads of astounding footage, but this one surely makes it to the top, based purely on the whole outcome and in respect to a chilling thought of “What could have been?”

Anyway, let us know what you felt about this whole incident. Do you think the mother should have filed a case against the driver of the car? Was the little girl in the driver’s line of sight, or was the driver not paying as much attention as he/she should have been? There could be many such questions that can be raised on this particular incident. Feel free to comment on your opinion/thoughts.

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  • kiran vijay says:

    Yeah, this is definitely the mother’s carelessness towards her own 3-year-old child. Driver of the car was also careless, he has not seen what was moving in the front. When a dog passess, we stop / slowdown. Anyway, good that nothing happened.

  • True that, Sarvajit. She surely has some angels looking over her.

  • Unfortunately, from the driver’s perspective, if he didn’t see the little girl, he wouldn’t have realised that he had driven over a human being. Not defending anyone here, just an insight.

  • Having said all that, it was purely the Almighty that saved this girl from certain doom.

  • Sarvajit says:

    If he would have stopped the vehicle when it went over her body, she was sure to die. It is a pure miracle though.