VIDEO: McLaren 570LT Teased Ahead Of World Premiere

The upcoming McLaren 570LT has been teased ahead of its world premiere. We get you all the details, images and specifications.

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Ahead of its world premiere that is likely to take place soon, McLaren Automotive has teased an upcoming product, which is likely to be christened as the 570 LT. The model will be a hardcore version of the McLaren 570S and upon launch, would join the company’s Sport Series range.

McLaren 570LT teaser

As seen in the teaser video, McLaren has revealed a part of the redesigned posterior of the vehicle, which shows the carbon fibre diffuser and aerodynamic fin positioned right behind the rear wheel. The dual exhausts, originally placed on either side of the 570S (the model it is based on), is missing, hinting that the exhausts could be centrally mounted at the rear.

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McLaren Auto has also shared a link to the website of the model, which offers potential buyers an opportunity to register their interest for the model in question. The brand seems to focus on the performance of the model as an official statement on the website reveals “Brace yourself for that moment. When it’s just you. The car. Raw and uncompromised. Calling you. Total focus. Pure adrenaline. This is the moment to push yourself. To the very edge.”

Apart from the bump in the power output which is likely to be around the 600 hp mark, the McLaren 570LT could also benefit from a few other updates such as lighter parts and components to increase the downforce as well as tuning of the suspension and braking in order to improve the driving experience.

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