VIDEO : Man Carries Pulsar and Climbs a Ladder!!

Here is a rare video of a man balancing a Bajaj Pulsar on his head and climbing atop the ladder to take the bike to the top of a bus for transportation.

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What would you do when you have to carry a Bajaj Pulsar to the top of a bus? A man from the Indian hinterland has a mind-blowing answer to this question.

You have to watch the video to believe it. In a stunning display of superhuman strength, divine balance and awe-inspiring courage, a man managed to haul a Bajaj Pulsar 150 from the ground to the top of a bus!! If you are facing problems with the video, you can head to Youtube watch the video here.

Indian Man Carries Pulsar on his Head

As the video starts playing, one gets transported to a typical Indian mofussil. Vehicles honk their horns while plying on dirt roads amid all the daytime hullabuloo. A bus waits for people to board, and luggage is being transported to its rooftop. Wait a minute! Is that Pulsar 150 about to be transported to the upper deck? There’s our man, silently surveying the conditions. After parking the bike on the side-stand, he checks for grip on the ladder’s footholds. And then he positions a cushion on his head.

In a moment that makes you stare with your eyes wide open, the man lifts the bike onto his head with help from some bystanders. He then proceeds to balance the bike, and carefully places a foot on the ladder. Without even a light grip on the bike, he steadily climbs the ladder, while the bike rests on his head all the time. How could he do it?? 😮

The video brings forward an immense concept : Indian Jugaad. No matter what the circumstances, the work has to be done.

A sign-off note to the featured bike as well. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been the reigning champion in the 150 cc segment for the most part of the last decade. Even though the design is labelled outdated by some, it still outsells rivals with a combination of moderate looks, delicate pricing and branding.

One question from our side : Why couldn’t the bike just be ridden to the destination? 😀

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