Video: Land Rover’s ad spot for Middle East region will fill your heart with warmth


Land Rover Middel East

Stereotypes. They’ve distorted our understanding of the world. Images fed to brains through media make you look at the world around with a very specific, very narrow perspective. You create impressions about people and places which aren’t always true. So when someone shows you another, brighter, happier side of the picture you’re often pleasantly surprised, wondering what made you have a negative view of the subject in the first place. Such would possibly be the case with quite a few of us after watching this heart-warming video from Land Rover of Middle East.

The video takes a candid look at the Arabic lifestyle. It shows us the rugged desert, and the determined spirit of the people who inhabit it. The hardships that surround the region have made the folks of the region an ever smiling lot, who take the challenges thrown in by the nature as an amusing adventure. The video portrays the smiling, happy spirited demeanour of the Arabs, their fun loving, adventurous, warm and humane side even in the face of extreme adversity. Of course, being an advert, it also showcases Land Rover machines taking on the challenges in a poetic, grand manner.

On the flip side, the video also shows the silken smooth roads, the lofty skyscrapers and the properly modern urbanscape of the region, a perfect setting for a swift sportscar. It’s then, that the fact that a modern Land Rover machine is perfectly at home in such a setting as well, hits you hard. Watch the video below, it’ll really bring a smile on your face


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