A portable air-pump which looks like a walkman and weighs 500 gms

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For long distance tourers, wanderers, and motorcyclists who venture where the air is thin, it’s time to forget worrying about a flat in the middle of nowhere. MotoPumps has come out with a compact 12-volt portable inflator, which weighs 500 gms, is two inches thick, about 15 cms long and 12 cms tall. You can easily stash it in the tank bag, or any other luggage you carry. This portable air-pump is strong enough to inflate motorcycle tires up to 36 psi in three and a half minutes, has a built-in, backlit pressure gauge, that reads up to 50 psi.

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The power cord for this device plugs in to cigarette-lighter socket, if your bike has one. However, if  the manufacturer has been kind and considerate enough to omit that facility, the device can also clip directly to battery terminals. The pump’s circuitry is protected by patented Integrated Polarity Protection Circuit that has a warning light for crossed polarity, while the 3.5 foot long air-hose fits neatly within the pumps body. Available for $70.00 for the standard pump, another variant that comes in a neoprene case will set you back by around $80.00. A much needed accessory, which coupled with a puncture repair kit is what you must consider, if you are about to get Leh’d this season. You can visit their website, www.motopumps.com


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