VIDEO: Kawasaki rider hits stationary car, pillion gets thrown off and takes air like a Ninja


These visuals remind us of one of Jeremy’s famous quotes where he says, “Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.” But if you observe these visuals closely, you’d find that in this case, only the latter part seems plausible. A Kawasaki Ninja rider with a pillion behind had probably stepped out after an overdose of the bike chase scene from Matrix Reloaded. Although Trinity’s fan wasn’t on the right side, we don’t suppose there were any agents on his back for him to cut lanes like that.

Watch Video Here

While the Kawasaki was busy swerving left and right at pretty high speeds, some distance ahead, a car had stopped behind another vehicle which had probably broken down and was stationary. As the former waited for vehicles in the other lane to pass before it could be on its way, its rear-mounted camera spotted Ninja cutting lanes and travelling too fast to brake in time for the hazard ahead. The front camera then captures disturbing visuals of the Kawasaki crashing violently into the stationary car’s boot. Such is the impact, it makes the pillion take air before landing some distance ahead on the road, while the rider’s head crashes into the boot lid and the resultant force makes that piece of metal go out of shape.

Speed does kill too if you cannot come to a stationary position in time. Look far ahead and keep a safe buffer between you and the vehicles ahead. Just because you are astride something which can cut its way loose through density, do not think that everyone ahead is aware of your arrival and has left space accordingly. Stick to your lane and only change when you are absolutely certain that it’s safe to do so.

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