VIDEO: Intoxicated young woman wanders in the middle of San Diego freeway


Intoxicated Woman Wanders on San Diego Freeway - 1

A 25-year-old woman from San Diego might have taken the “My Life, My Rules” empowerment video bit too seriously. As seen the video, the woman in the pink shirt is seen relieving herself in the middle of the busy I-15 San Diego freeway during her late night adventure on Thursday, April 9, 2015.

Intoxicated Woman Wanders on San Diego Freeway - 2

Dangerously strolling on the freeway, she then approaches a car (occupied by photojournalist filming the video) asking for a jumper cable and pointing why is she being video taped. The woman then moves her attention to a motorcyclist and a taxi driver who pulled over to understand what was happening. After having a brief talk with the two bystanders, she again wanders off in the middle of the freeway, only to return into her stalled car.

Intoxicated Woman Wanders on San Diego Freeway - 3

The bystanders try to warn the oncoming vehicles while the person filming the entire episode tries to persuade her to get out of the car. Meanwhile, nearly half-a-dozen vehicles including cars, pick-ups and a semi truck have a close shave with the stalled Scion tC in the middle of the freeway. The un-identified woman was then arrested by California Highway Patrol on drunk driving charges.

Here is the video of the entire episode:

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Source: ABC 10 News

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