Video: How to make your car Zombie proof

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We are sure you have played / seen one of the ‘Resident Evil’ series games / movies. It’s great fun to shoot the half-dead dummies with a shotgun and see their insides scatter away in the air with a blast, ain’t it? But what if you were surrounded by the undead? Would your car be able to stop the monsters from getting in, or would you be able to protect yourselves?

Mighty Car Mods tell you how to make your car ‘Zombie Proof’. Now we know that the day is probably never gonna arrive, but the funny video which uses a Nissan Pathfinder for the mod-job is an interesting watch. The video, apart from teaching you how to fortify your car, also introduces you to books on techniques to survive without any external resources for months together. Books like ‘Urine to Water’, ‘Decapitation for Dummies’ and ‘ Eat Shit and Survive’ are promoted to make sure that you don’t die of hunger or thirst even as you remain completely protected from the half-dead in your reinforced car. You don’t really have to take any of that shit seriously, but it’s great fun to watch to hosts talk about all those things with complete sincerity… have a look, we are sure you would love it.

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