VIDEO: Ghost Motorcycle Leaves Commuters Aghast In France


With technology taking up some serious speeds, it won’t be long before we see autonomous cars on the road, driving us to our destination. As we wait for these autonomous cars to hit the roads, the news industry was abuzz as the speculation of an autonomous motorcycle surfaced.

Riderless Motorcycle cruise control

A few commuters on the A4 highway in Paris were left aghast after they witnessed a white coloured motorcycle running on the road without any rider. As seen in the video below, the motorcycle, termed as a ghost motorcycle by some eye-witnesses, was in-fact a two-wheeler running away with the help of the cruise control feature.

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The incident occurred when the person riding the motorcycle was knocked off the bike after a collision with another car. Even as the rider fell off, the motorcycle continued running for some distance. The incident took place even as the rider, who is said to have been in his 20’s, injured his arm in the incident. The rider was picked up by the driver of the car involved in the incident and taken to a local hospital. The driver even tried to look for the motorcycle later, but the search did not yield any result.

Back in January this year, Honda unveiled its Riding Assist Technology that uses the company’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle. The technology is yet to make it to the production stage though. You can read more about it here.