VIDEO: Freak fuel station accident causes KTM Duke motorcycle to go up in flames

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Next time you visit a fuel station, make sure you keep an eye at the level of fuel being filled into your vehicle, especially if you are on a motorcycle. This particular person in the CCTV footage, re-fueling his KTM Duke motorcycle, learnt the lesson in the worst way possible. Now before drawing conclusions that KTM Duke motorcycles tend to get very hot during operations and that is the reason for this mishap, let us understand what exactly happened.

Here is the CCTV footage of the entire episode:

It seems that the tank might have overflown with fuel and while the attendant drew the nozzle out of the tank, a good amount of petrol would have seeped onto the hot engine causing this freak accident. A major episode was avoided thanks to the quick thinking of brave employees at the fuel station who immediately rushed to the ball of fire with extinguishers. While the people in the video had a near death experience, the rider would have faced severe burns as his pants caught fire.


Besides the regular do’s and don’ts, it’s a good idea to get down from the motorcycle whenever you are filling petrol, especially at times when you are filling the tank to the brim. It is recommended to shut the engine down while filling the tank. Also, keep an eye on the tank and the level to which the fuel has been filled up and ask the attendant to stop before the tank overflows.

What other steps would you like to recommend to fellow riders? Share your opinions with us through the comments section below.

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  • Captain Obvious says:

    Do you see the mouse pointer? someone has made a mobile phone recording of a cctv screen.
    Captain Obvious flies away

  • Anton Menezes says:

    How is it that the CCTV camera is moving?

  • SVijay says:

    Hi, this happened while traveling from chennai to goa for IBW 2015, near kanchipuram. The person in this video is my friend Naveen, trying to full ktm Duke 200 tank and not 390. He sustained 2nd degree burn injuries to his arms and legs and was admitted to government hospital kanchipuram. Apparently the bike was in off condition. The fuel gun did not auto cut off when the tank was full and the fuel over flowed onto hot engine which was in off condition and got fire. The bike is completely burnt. He is now recovering slowly. Sad story and unfortunate to attend IBW.

  • Shashank says:

    Maybe thats the side effect of poor Mileage

  • Surya says:

    All fuel tanks will have two small holes on either side of the neck inside the fuel tank.

    Always fill to a level slightly below that hole.

    preferably the rider should dismount from the motorcycle, with the bike on side stand and in first gear (not neutral), to avoid accidental roll away of the motorcycle.

    try to preferably fill the fuel within a short distance (say 2-3 kms of riding, unless when out touring) to avoid excess engine heat.

    It is prudent to fill fuel in the early mornings as the ambient temperature is low and risks are lowered.