VIDEO: Five-Year-Old Rides Scooter With Family On-Board; Driving License Of Father Suspended For A Year

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In a perfect example of ‘parenting done wrong’, a five-year-old girl was seen behind the handlebar of a scooter, with her parents and younger sibling on-board. The video of the young girl steering the scooter was captured by fellow citizen in Kerala. The girl’s father was holding the younger child. It’s not clear whether he was holding the handlebar with his other hand. Moreover, except for the father, no one was wearing a protective helmet which could’ve led to severe consequences, had the young girl lost the control of the handlebar.

Watch the video of the young girl riding a scooter in Kerala below (via Daily Mail):

Not surprisingly, the actions of the father received severe backlash on social networks. Netizens demanded action against the father for letting a young child ride the scooter. The traffic department responded quickly and a police case was soon registered against the father. The person was identified as Shibu Francis, 38. His driving license has been suspended for a year although it is still unclear if he was asked to pay a fine.

Giving control of the vehicle to young children is not only dangerous, but also against the law. It may result in an accident, causing injuries to the occupants of the vehicle and fellow citizen.

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