VIDEO : Entered A Corner Too Fast? Here’s What You Should Do Next

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What would you do if you went too hot into a corner? Natural instinct says to hit the brakes and shed some speed to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle or guard rails. But that’s probably the worst thing that you can do, especially if you are coming into the turn too fast, as there’s a good chance that you’d end up going off the road, or worse, run into an oncoming vehicle.

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Here’s a video that recently surfaced on YouTube, which captures a rider going too hot into a corner. He followed his natural instinct, standing the bike up and hitting the brakes. The motorcycle hit the the guardrail, tossing the rider off the cliff. His fall was cut by the trees, saving him from further damage. Here’s the video of what happened:

How could you save yourself from such situations?

First thing is to focus on where you want to go. If you don’t look where you want to go and instead focus on the edge of the road or other obstacles, there is a good possibility you’d probably end up there. Secondly, while hitting both the brakes mid-corner would stand your bike up and go straight, using moderate amount of the rear brake would help you correct the line. So next time you think you’re going too fast in the middle of the corner, gently (remember, gently) tap the rear brake to reduce your speed. If it’s a sweeping corner, hold the gas steady and tap the rear brake to fix your line. Lastly, ride safe. Road is not a race track so you’d probably encounter a right around the corner and use proper riding gear before you go out canyon carving.

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