VIDEO: Do not roll your windows down for these thugs who operate on the roads of Delhi


Although this could happen on any busy street of an Indian city, this footage was captured on an in-car camera while the driver was making his way through some dense traffic in Delhi. While the car was inching forward, a man approaches from the other side as he scans through windshields, trying to find his victim for the day. Once the target has been identified, he walks very close to the car as it moves forward at snail speed and then taps the window to display his acting and magic skills.


He frantically asks the driver to roll the window down, indicating towards his foot, trying to convey that the car has rolled over and has hurt him. Unfortunately, the driver falls prey to his diversion tactics and rolls the glass down when the man starts arguing about an incident that did not even take place. When the driver turns his head around to look elsewhere, the thug simply picks up his mobile phone which was lying on the front passenger seat and hides it near his crotch. The act completed, he simply walks away with the driver still not realising that he has been robbed.

While this was just a case where thankfully no weapons were involved, there have been incidents where a knife or even a gun comes out once the glass rolls down. To avoid being a victim of such tactics, be aware of your surroundings and do not get out of the car or roll that window down in such situations. Do not place valuables like your cell phones, wallets or laptops where they are easily visible to outsiders and beware of such operators.