VIDEO: Dani Pedrosa’s 280kmph stoppie at Motegi, captured by Valentino Rossi

Dani Pedrosa's spectacular 280kmph stoppie at the MotoGP practice round in Motegi, captured by Valentino Rossi's onboard camera

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What makes motorsport, especially those of the two-wheeled variety, so exciting? Is it the thrill of battling the laws of physics, of sanity, as you do speeds that our primeval brains aren’t yet adapted to, or the knowledge that the tiniest mistake whatsoever could mean the difference between victory or a trip to Dr. Costa’s clinic?

This danger, and the subsequent necessity of cat-like reflexes for top-level racing, is captured so very perfectly in this short clip from the recent MotoGP practice session at Motegi. Thanks to the camera onboard Valentino Rossi, we can see Dani Pedrosa rushing into the tight right-hander of Turn 11 faster that one can spell ‘peregrine falcon.’ The Honda rider knows it too, and what follows is a hair raising moment as he grabs a handful of front brake, inadvertently hoisting the rear Bridegestone into the air, brings it down with just the tiniest hint of drama, and gracefully kiss the apex before scooting off to the next corner.

All these in just a few seconds.

Look carefully and you will notice that Pedrosa isn’t even perched straight up during this scary procedure. His body is already hanging off the Honda quite a bit, readying into position for the right hander.

MotoGP’s official YouTube description states that Pedrosa braked from 280kmph to 90kmph, all in the distance of just 100 metres. We are not worthy!

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