VIDEO: Cop pours salt water in unregistered KTM RC 200’s fuel tank

While on his way to the registration office, a cop flagged down the owner of a KTM RC 200 in Kerala and added salt to its fuel.


In an incident which took place in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, a police officer allegedly emptied salt water into the fuel tank of a brand-new KTM RC200. Apparently, with only sixty or so kilometres on the motorcycle’s odometer, the owner was on his way to the Registration office when he was pulled over by an Assistant Sub-inspector for riding above the speed limit. However, according to the rider, he was travelling at a speed which was well below the limit.


The owner then called all his friends to the Museum Road police station, which is where the incident happened. All of them discussed the matter with the Senior Inspector present at the cop station, who then directed the Assistant Sub-inspector to release the motorcycle. During all that, a few of the owner’s friends reportedly witnessed the ASI emptying something into the bike’s fuel tank, which later turned out to be salt water.

How did he manage to unlock the tank? He probably had snatched the key too when he flagged the biker down. A large crowd gathered and the incident was brought to the Senior Inspector’s notice, who promised to investigate the issue and the ASI has been suspended in the meanwhile. For our readers, it is against the law to ride/drive an unregistered vehicle on public roads and most dealers will only deliver the new purchase once the registration process has been completed. However, if for some reason your vehicle hasn’t been registered and you’ve been asked to take delivery, clarify the cause for any delay and do not venture out until those plates have been etched.

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