VIDEO: Bajaj Auto releases ‘Pledge to connect’ film to encourage you to connect with yourself


Bajaj Avenger (1)

Bajaj Auto is celebrating Social Media day today (30 June 2016) for its cruiser brand – Avenger. For this celebration the auto-maker has initiated a so called ‘thought-provoking’ video campaign. The video made for the drive is promoted by underlining the downsides of over exposure to social media.  Basically, through this initiative, Bajaj Auto wants to encourage you to connect with yourselves and others offline and not through online social channels.

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The message does make sense, as more connected we are connected on social media, the more detached we are to the real world and all that nature has to offer. The flip side of over exposure to digital and social media prevents people from spending time with themselves and their loved ones.

Bajaj Avenger (2)

Commenting on the film, Sumeet Narang, Vice President, Marketing Bajaj Auto Ltd said that Avenger as a brand is all about liberation. So in today’s context, the company has looked at what’s that one thing that seems to be holding all of us back. Social media is constantly coming up with newer ways to connect, giving people the means to reach out, keeping them up to date. The flipside being, it seems to be tying us down to such an extent that we are losing ourselves to it. So 30th June was the opportune moment to get the Brand Avenger to call for action, urging people to free themselves, a value that the brand stands for. The idea for our campaign is to encourage and empower people to connect with what matters the most.


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