Video: The Aston Martin Vulcan spits flames, splits eardrums

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Aston Martin Vulcan

Over the years, Aston Martin were busy making cars that looked the same, had similar sounding names that begun with a ‘DB’, and weren’t really able to make those decibel levels inside a petrol head’s heart soar towards the outer space. Well, it seems for their new products, they’ve taken the Devil’s approach towards things, and if this teaser video is any proof, touted to be the most extreme car they’ve built till date, the upcoming Aston Martin Vulcan might just change the way people imagine British elegance and gentry.

A final teaser before the actual car is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on the 3rd of March, in the video, the Vulcan is seen spitting an inferno and heard bursting overdue clouds through its exhaust. Wearing a large, devil horned rear spoiler and snake skin patterned tail lights, the Vulcan does all the justice to the Roman God of Fire and Metalworking, which happens to be the inspiration behind the name.

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