[VIDEO] Alpine ski racer Jon Olsson goes snow drifting in his Rebellion R2K custom car!



Swedish free-skier and Alpine ski racer, Jon Olsson, has come up with a video that shows him snow drifting in his Rebellion R2K custom car. This video was shot on the ski slopes of Storlien, Sweden. The Rebellion R2K is based on Ultima GTR and weighs just 1000 kilograms (2,205 pounds). It enjoys a max power of 600 hp from a V10 engine that sends power to the rear wheels. The Rebellion R2K is street-legal.

In this video, the car is seen beautifully drifting on the snow, with that Audi-derived 600hp leaving us mesmerized with the sound track

This is what John Olsson had to say about his snow drifting stunt : “This crazy idea turned out to be one of the most exciting mornings that I have ever had. Pushing full gas while sliding sideways on the top of an empty mountain while the sun is just dipping over the horizon is just hard to beat!


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