VIDEO: AGV introduces AGVisor with LCD Visor Tinting System that changes colour according to needs

AGV introduces AGVisor with LCD Visor Tinting System that changes colour according to needs. Read ahead for more details and video.

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Switching between a clear visor and a dark visor is a tiresome task, not because it is difficult to remove and install, but because one has to carry the second visor with him/her all through the journey. So how about a visor that can do the job of both? Well, the answer to the worries is AGV’s latest offering to motorcyclists – the AGVisor LCD Visor Tinting System.

Here is a video of the AGVisor’s function (The video is in German but you can set the subtitles in English through the settings button):

Compatible with AGV GT Veloce, Pista or Corsa range of helmets, the new AGVisor let’s a rider switch between a clear or a dark visor at just a flick of a button. The rider can choose between three modes of tint – clear, half tint and full dark. A thin LCD screen is attached to the AGVisor while a integrated rechargeble battery provides the power to the screen. The battery can last upto 12 hours at full dark setting and goes to the clear setting once the battery runs out of juice.

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So far so good! But what about the prices? Well, good things come at a price and so does the new AGVisor. The visor, at USD 223, which works out to around Rs 14,000* INR. I’m off to buy the second visor, what about you? Would you pay Rs 14,000 for an ultra-cool visor or carry sunglasses for daytime riding? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comments section below.

(*One US Dollar = Rs 62.65 INR as on March 09, 2015)

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  • Soam says:

    It wont 14k. It will be around 21k, from what I have heard from my AGV account manager.

  • Suraj says:

    Vega offers helmets with clear visor along with a tinted glass in their helmets (Eclipse). we just need to flick a lever to bring down the tinted glass. very cheap too.