Video: 2011 Swift caught testing

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The launch of the new Suzuki Swift is just around the corner now. Maruti Suzuki plans to launch the car in May. Needless to say, test mules of the new car are doing the rounds around Delhi and Gurgaon, the production hub for all Maruti cars in the country. Our friends at Indianautosblog have managed to capture one of these cars in action near Delhi.

The new Swift will be slightly bigger and wider than the current car. Interior space and layout, along with materials would be different from the current car. From the outside, the changes would be very subtle. Only a larger, more elongated headlamp, different tail-lamps and an altered boot lid will differentiate the new car from the old one. No changes will be made to the powertrain, although the inclusion of an auto-transmission version is expected.

Here’s the video.


Source: Indianautosblog


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